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By Charles Groome on November 03, 2015

What a Local Marketing Automation Platform Can Do for You

The most successful brand marketers know that effective campaigns balance a compelling brand message with great local execution. But when your brand has dozens of local markets that all need a different version of that brand message, it can be difficult to find the right balance.

CampaignDrive is a Local Marketing automation system that enables your marketing organization to maintain brand standards and improve local marketing outcomes.

This Overview video shows you how you can cut marketing costs, improve brand compliance and scale your brand more effectively using CampaignDrive.

Learn more about the product here, or check out all of our resources.


For many industry-leading brands, marketing resource management (MRM) tools enable teams to track, plan, and execute marketing. Which MRM solution is right for your brand?

Published by Charles Groome November 3, 2015
Charles Groome